MM5369AAN Precision Timer

MM5369AAN Precision Timer

Price: $5.95 each

Part Number: MM5369AAN


MM5369 Precision Timer, also known as 5369, MM5369, MM5369AA, MM5369AAN, MM5369AA/N.

The MM5369 is a precision 60 cycle square wave generator using a common color burst crystal (3.579545Mhz). It divides the crystal frequency by 59,659.

The MM5369 is in a 8 pin dip package few parts and easy to use. Useful to 4.5Mhz at 10 volts. 2Mhz at 6 volts.

I have seen on the web various ways to produce a 60 cycle generator many use a microprocessor or two or more IC's.

Can also be driven by a oscillator like the LM555 or other for long time delays.

These are very rare and hard to find.

Two parts kits are available for the MM5369AAN.