MK484 TO-92 Case AM Radio Chip

Price: $3.12 to $3.47 each

Part Number: MK484

Each Price
1 to 9 $3.47
10 to 24 $3.31
25 + $3.12
@ each =


The MK484 is a AM radio receiver IC which has automatic gain and up to 72 db gain. It is cased in a TO-92 Case that looks like a transistor. The MK-484 runs on 1.1 to 1.8 volts so a single 1 1/2 volt battery will work. The MK484 needs very few external parts to build an AM radio. The MK-484 needs a tuning Capacitor and Ferrite Rod Coil or also known as a loopstick antenna we sell both items.

Yes a real MK484, not like other sites that sell MK484/TA7642.  If you see this designation on other sites you are getting a TA7642 not a MK484.

The YS414, TA7642, UTC7642, CD7642 and KM484 are the same as the MK484 only different manufactures.

Internal Circuit Diagram for the MK484