Price: $5.98 each

Part Number: NE602AN


NE602AN RF Amp , Oscillator and Mixer for sale. The NE602 is a very rare and hard to find IC. The NE602A is an improved NE602 and the NE602AN with AN the N means nothing as regards the IC only how it was packaged. The 602 series IC's can replace the SA612 , SA612A, SA612AN , NE612 , NE612A , NE612AN same pin out and they share the same data sheet. The NE602AN is pin for pin compatible with the NE612A, SA602A, SA612A.

This is not The SA602 , SA602A , SA602AN IC that replaced the NE602 NE602A , NE602AN. This is new old stock NE602AN.

Through Hole 8 Pin Dip. This is not surface mount type.