Crystal Radio Kit 6


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Crystal Radio Kit 6 is a simple and fun radio kit. You can find a couple simple example builds here including building the kit with no soldering required. With this kit, you have to provide at a minimum a project board, antenna wire and ground wire. Almost any non-shielded wire can be used for the antenna and ground. The antenna should be at least 30 feet in length, longer is better. The coil has a tap that can be used for antennas 60 feet or longer.

Crystal Radio Kit 6 includes:
1 – 1N34A germanium diode
1 – 0.001uf capacitor
1 – 47K resistor
1 – Plastic variable capacitor dual section 266pf
1 – Knob with shaft
1 – Ceramic earphone
1 – 3.5″ diameter x 3″ long coil form (high impact polystyrene) with brass hardware
47 feet of 22 AWG green magnet wire

Learning how to build a Crystal Radio Receiver is a great way for anyone to get started in the electronic field. The Simple Crystal Diode Radio Sets we have for sale are a fun way for the family to spend time together. As a child I made Crystal Radio Receivers out of things I find in old scrapped Radios and TVs. Most had no tuning capacitors. I had to tune in stations by sliding a ferrite rod in and out of the tuning coil. I would spend days trying different items to use as a detector instead of a diode, some worked but most did not. Anyway I had fun learning. Buy one of our Crystal Radio Kits for hours of fun and learning.

Dave Farrell purchased a previous model of our crystal radio kit for his Elementary School Class on Crystal Radios. He says the kids loved it. Here is a Power Point Presentation on there project and how they assembled there Crystal Radio Kit. Also contains some theory on how a Crystal Radio works Building A Crystal Radio. Although it was referencing a prior kit, the theory and explanations are still relevant.

Crystal Radio Kit Schematic