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Crystal Radio Kit 1 Schematic

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These are Simple Crystal radio kits ( Xtal Radio Kits ) and are easy to build. These Crystal Radio Receivers tune the AM Radio Band.

Crystal Radio Kit 1 includes:

  • 1 – 1N34A Germanium Diode (Crystal Diode Detector)
  • 1 – 47K resistor
  • 1 – .001 Capacitor
  • 1 – 680uh Loopstick Antenna Coil with tap at 470uh
  • 1 – Plastic Variable Capacitor 60pf /141pf
  • 1 – Knob and Shaft
  • 1 – Ceramic Earphone (Piezoelectric Earphone , Crystal Earphone)

This Kit has one Tap on the Crystal Radio Coil near ground for the Antenna Connection.

The Simple Crystal Radio Set Kits ( Xtal Radio Set Kits ) require some soldering of the fine wires from the Ferrite Loopstick Antenna Coil the the variable capacitor.  So Adult Supervision is advised for younger builders.

Learning how to build a Crystal Radio Receiver is a great way for anyone to get started in the electronic field. Great for Science Fair Projects and Boy Scout projects. The Simple Crystal Diode Radio Sets we have for sale are a fun way for the family to spend time together. As a child I made Crystal Radio Receivers out of things I find in old scrapped Radios and TVs. Most had no tuning capacitors. I had to tune in stations by sliding a ferrite rod in and out of the tuning coil. I would spend days trying different items to use as a detector instead of a diode, some worked but most did not. Anyway I had fun learning. Buy one of our Crystal Radio Kits for hours of fun and learning.

Dave Farrell purchased this kit for his Elementary School Class on Crystal Radios. He says the kids loved it. Here is a Power Point Presentation on there project and how they assembled there Crystal Radio Kit.  Also contains some theory on how a Crystal Radio works  Building A Crystal Radio.

Above is a picture of the assembled Crystal Radio Kit number CRK1 we have for sale. This is just a simple way to mount the components I used a clear contact glue to glue the coil and Variable Capacitor in place I also put a little glue on the Ferrite Rod to keep it from falling out. I was able to solder the lower antenna tap to a fahnestock clip. You can use other means for an antenna connection. Instead of writing pages on how to build the Crystal Radio Kit I think if you are like me you assemble things from the pictures anyway before you read the directions. The thin wires from the coil are hard to see but look at the two prongs from the Variable Capacitor. The wires from the coil are fairly long so I bunched them up and placed them under the coil leaving enough wire so that if one broke I could re solder it.

All of the Crystal Radio Kits are the same except for the coil. Kit #1 has one tap on the bottom of the coil for connecting a antenna no need to wrap wire around the coil for a antenna connection. The other Simple Crystal Radio Kit #2 has a tap towards the bottom and a center tap. The bottom connection is for the antenna and the Center connection gives better selectivity at a slight loss in volume. The top connection gives most volume but selectivity is reduced a little. Crystal Radio Kit #3 has no taps on the coil.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    Great kit that even came with the schematic. Shipment was fast I will enjoy assembling this kit soon.

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December 31, 2015

question on crystal radio kit 2. Does the coil get clued to the board or what holds it in place? Does the coil need to be able to move on the bar for tuning? how do you tell top coil wire from bottom coil wire??


Mike Lowe
December 31, 2015

Moving the coil over the ferrite rod will change the tuning. However, the variable capacitor should tune the entire AM band on it’s own. Depending on your location from AM broadcast towers, there may be a specific placement that works better than others. Before securing the coil in place, test different coil locations along the rod. To secure the rod, you can use double sided tape or a hot glue gun. The coil included with CRK-2 has two taps (extra wires). One of the taps is close to the end and the other is in the middle. Using the tap close to the end, orient the coil with the schematic (4 on the schematic). If you are using a short antenna (under 30 – 40 feet), attach the antenna to the coil at the end opposite where the tap is close to the end (1 on the schematic). If you are using a long antenna (over 30 – 40 feet), attach the antenna to the tap close to the end of the coil (4 on the schematic).

Joseph ortiz
May 8, 2017

Is the schematic diagram included??? I need it to assemble the parts. I will not be able to do it without it

Mike Lowe
May 8, 2017

Yes, a printed schematic is included.