BAT46 Schottky Diode


BAT46 Datasheet

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I did a lot of research to find this diode (Schottky Bat-46) actual has a lower forward break down voltage than a germanium diode at less than 10ma it has a forward voltage of .25 germanium has .35 volt.

Experiment with the Schottky BAT46 diode in your next crystal radio set ( Xtal Radio Set ) project.

The Schotty Barrier Diodes like the BAT 46 are becoming ever more popular in Ham Radio and Amateur Radio community. The are being used as up converters and down converters ( Mixers ) and a host of other applications in radio and RF circuits. Generally replacing the germanium type diodes.


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Doug Hunt
October 14, 2017

re bat46. Used single or parallel? Please place answer in order. Thanks

Mike Lowe
October 14, 2017

The datasheet and information for the BAT46 is for a single diode. A single diode can be used in a crystal radio circuit. There are crystal radio circuits that use 2 diodes in parallel; the BAT46 can also be used in these circuits.