Solderless High Impedance Audio Amplifier Kit 1


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Audio Amplifier Kit 1 is a fun and simple project for both beginners and expert builders alike. Everything needed to build a fully functional audio amplifier is included in the kit. Easy to
assemble with no soldering required. Audio Amplifier Kit 1 is a great project to build with your child or grandchild, boy scout groups and schools.

Audio Amplifier Kit 1 was designed to compliment our Crystal Radio Kit 4 (sold separately).
Crystal Radio Kit 4

Here is a photo of Audio Amplifier Kit 1 and Crystal Radio Kit 4 (sold separately) wired together:
Audio Kit 1 with Crystal Radio Kit 4

Audio Amplifier Kit 1 was tested and designed for use with our crystal radio and radio IC kits. The amplifier should work well with other home built radios but was not designed as a general purpose amplifier for mp3 players, phones and the like. The kit was designed for use with a high impedance headphone or earphone with 2,000 ohm or higher impedance. The kit has been tested with all the headphones and earphones available on our site. Using headphones or earphones with less than 2,000 ohms impedance may work acceptably, however that was not the kits design so performance may suffer.

Parts Include In Audio Amplifier Kit 1:
1 – Circuit Board (3 3/8″ X 7″)
1 – 100K Variable Resistor Pre-soldered To Circuit Board
1 – PN100A Transistor
1 – .001uf Capacitor (marked 102)
1 – .1uf Capacitor (marked 104)
1 – 10uf Capacitor
1 – 4.7M Resistor (yellow violet green gold)
1 – 10K Resistor (brown black orange gold)
1 – 100K Resistor (brown black yellow gold)
1 – Ceramic Earphone
1 – 9 Volt Battery Clip
4 – Fahnestock Clips
1 – Knob
17 – 3/8″ #6 Screws
4 – 3/4″ #6 Screws
38 – #6 Nuts
17 – #6 Washers
4 – Rubber Feet
2 – ~1 foot wire

Tools Required:
Philips Screwdriver
5/16″ Wrench

The kit contains small parts that may be a choking hazard. Adult supervision is always advised
while building the kit.