40673 Dual Gate Mosfet Transistor

40673 Dual Gate Mosfet Transistor

Price: $5.98 each

Part Number: 40673


It is becoming harder to find electronic parts with Pins. Most Mosfets made today are surface mount. The 40673 Dual Gate MosFet transistor is a vintage electronic part. The 40673 Mosfet Transistor is a very good amplifier. The dual gates allow for gain adjustment. Also because the 40673 Mosfet Transistor has dual gates it is often used for Mixer Applications. The 40673 transistor is useful as an amplifier up to 200Mhz. The 40673 MosFet has been discontinued. The 40673 MosFet is now considered an obsolete electronic part.

These are New Old Stock 40673 Dual Gate Mosfet Transistors.