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1500/46 Litz Wire

1500/46 Litz Wire

Minimum order of 3 feet.
One continuous spool of wire for the total number of feet ordered.

Price: $1.64 to $2.19 foot

Part Number: 1500/46-Litz

Feet Price
1 to 9 $2.19
10 to 39 $2.00
40 to 79 $1.82
80 + $1.64
feet @ foot =


1500 strand 46 AWG litz wire.
Type 2.
Single served nylon.
Individual strands are 2UEW (Double Urethane Enameled Wire).
Approximately .092 inch diameter.
Temperature Class: 180C
Max Voltage: 500V
Optimal frequency range for 46 AWG litz wire is 850 KHz – 1.4 MHz.

Additional information for Litz Wire can be found here: Litz Wire Information

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