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My father, Scott Lowe, started Scott’s Electronic Parts in 2003. When Scott’s Electronic Parts first opened, the store primarily sold hard to find crystal radio parts; variable capacitors, germanium diodes, etc… Over time, the store added many more electronic parts. In 2010, litz wire was added to the shop. In 2014, my father decided it was time to retire and allowed me to continue the business. I don’t know that I could ever thank him enough. ¬†For legal and tax purposes, the company was renamed Mike’s Electronic Parts.


Mike’s Electronic Parts is located in West Union, Ohio. We specialize in supplying litz wire and electronic hobbyist radio parts and radio kits. Many of the electronic parts will be of interest to Ham radio operators, boy scouts and hobbyists interested in radio. We are also a supplier of litz wire to hobbyist, universities and other businesses. Typically dealing directly with a litz wire manufacturer requires purchasing a large quantity of wire and generally a several week manufacturing process. We stock all wire listed on the site so it is ready to ship when you place your order. We also allow you to purchase in smaller quantities making litz wire available for experimentation and hobbyist.